Moar Toa Tangus

Here’s some better photos of my self MOC for y’all, Toa Tangus (TAN-juhs :grin:) Toa Magna of Sound! If you want a little story, he’s part of a Toa team, the Toa Magna, which @toa_hikura on Instagram is also a part of. You can always check me out on Instagram too- same name, @lhikans.legacy! Seen below is Tangus, his pet Lightning Nghata Snail, Uku (on his shoulder), and in the first photo is his hunting falcon, Marau! Hope you enjoy! :grinning:

Seen here is my take on the Staff of Artakha, might make a seperate post just for this some other time :slight_smile:

And a Sidearm! :gun:

Boxing Glove Arrow! :sweat_smile: Sorry, had to.


I like the overall aesthetic he’s going for, and I especially love that mask! My only “complaint” would be the overall simplistic build, but it looks good, so that’s not that big of a problem to me.

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Thank you :slight_smile: And I’d say my goal was just an amped up Inika build, that just really says “Toa” to me- but one day I hope to get a bunch of parts and make myself something really complex :relaxed: @Doot.r

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The torso is ok but it makes the arm stick out much-
The weapon and mask is relatively neat.

The torso is it’s own piece, I didn’t design it

I know you used a Phantoka Makuta torso for this build, im just saying it’s not completely fitting but still decent.