Mobile issue with boards background

Since today I have been having the boards background be instead of white be like a picture of bionicle 2015.

It's main issue is that when I scroll down eventually there will be a part that has black on the background, thus making reading the text near impossible. Hopefully this will get fixed soon and mobile users can read the text easily once again.


They're doing it in celebration of 2015, and while I like the sentiment, it is getting quite annoying.

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I agree. I can't read anything on the Bionicle side.

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Its not just Bionicle, they changed the background for hero factory, ninjago, and chima topics as well.


I feel so left out of these things because I don't use mobile XD


Trust me, you're lucky not to endure this (;


Yeah, wasn't so bad before, but now it's starting to get annoying.

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The cool thing for me is that I can go into the settings and choose accessibility and have Siri speak the words for me.

I'm lazy... stuck_out_tongue

Still annoying though...

At least the sites not down. smiley



Var has taken notice of the issue, and in response, I was informed:

"We don't currently have CSS developed for mobile, so that's why funky things happen
but yaa, for right now I'm forcing desktop mode until we can get that situated so they can at least use the site"

-Varderan, 10/18/14

So yeah, that's the current situation, we'll try to resolve it as soon as possible, however, mobile CSS is awkward because screen sizes are always changing.

Simply let it known that you have been heard, my friends, and the issue will be resolved when possible.

I mean, the admins are just Human, After All.

Nyran's random hyperlinks to music he likes returns now, son! Being a mod will never stop my Antics from ensuing! >8D


yeah, my mobile version has become extremely difficult to use.

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I wanted this to be played at the end of Robocop(or was it Robocop 2?) but it wasn't even made yet.

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This is wonderful news!

Although, the site is really hard to use. I trust the issue will be resolved. Until then I am going dark.

(No pressure though. Have fun everyone! smiley )