Mobr: lewa

A brash and adventureous toa he often leaps(some times literally)befor thinking

Chest construction:


OK, multiple knees once again. Why?
The legs looks awkward, and not only because of the multiple knees, but because of the pieces you used as… “armor”. It also have the giraffe syndrome, and why you put that piece there? It should be a shield? It looks like a broken gauntlet.

Is supposed to represent his weird two fingerd hand also I built this guy a while back actually the same day as gali gues I had giraffes on the brain that day!

Also the knee hands are because I ran out of green

Fine. But please, next time reply to the one you are talking with.

K Got it

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It’s nice, but the neck is a bit long

The neck is a bit long again. If you are trying to extend the neck, use this piece if you have any:ø-10-2

Otherwise, it feels like there are too many shades of green here. You’ve got the regular/dark green, the lime green, and the translucent yellow/green, which doesn’t really work together. Also, the hands on the knees just look super weird

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I don’t have much green so I had to improvise

Add some silver then, because that silver chest piece needs to be balanced out bad