MOBR Lira (Lewa)

Alternate mask:


Element: Wind
Mask: Miru - Mask of Levitation (powered)
Weapon: Long Handle Axe
Tool: Wingpack
MISC: Bone Flute
Sex: Female (Since this is my own bionicle reboot, Im tooooooooooooooooooootally not… borrowing an idea from TTV’s g3… not at allllllllllllllllllll)
Location of Birth: Sky Peak City, Mata Nui
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I dig it. The legs are a little skinny around the knee. But there’s so much else that’s good about this. The wings, the mask choice, weapons are all top notch.

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Thanks a lot! I appreciate it!

The arms are kinda simple, and I dunno what to say about those Mata feet on the lower legs… They stick out a bit. The proportions wouldn’t really tell this is a female MOC either.

What I do like though is that the color scheme is consistent, and the wings are a nice touch.

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So you like more complex mocs? Thanks for the criticism!
Still more feminine than Gali 2016 Cough cough

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Nice revamp! I really like the wings!

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There’s nothing wrong with simplicity, but yes, I prefer things more complex.

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