Moc: A-4

I maked a robot. A very basic robot. The body is slightly based off of BioRockDude's GLaDOS MoC. This robot is pretty small, and kind of spindly. It can lift it's own weight, however. One of the only problems I see with it is that the arms are very restricted in their movements. It does have a solid color scheme of 4 colors in all. It also has many, many, points for articulation. This lets him contort himself in an unsettling amount of ways. Oh, what's this? There's TWO of him?

Imgur link:



Anyways, a basic design, but, with a weapon or two, he'd be a great army-builder. I advise filling those filling those sockets on his head with something. Nothing major, perhaps just stick some black pins in the holes, or put singular ball-joints in them to build antennae off of.

The maked was intentional, and thank you for your suggestions!

Ohhhhh, I see.

I recommend trying to spruce up the upper limbs a bit. Even one or two small parts will make a difference.
EDIT: You should embed at least one, main image in the Board topic.

they're really simple but they look really cool together.

Super spindly and barren but it would make a nice frame.