MOC: Araknix - The Defiant of Shadows

Araknix, one of the darkest bounty hunters, he works alone. But not completely.
Araknix lives in a different reality, his true form waiting to be seen. What is seen in the real is nothing in comparison to his darkest version. In his own reality, he awaits, he waits for him self in the real world to summon him.

As stated before, he works alone, but not completely. He is trying to summon him self into the real world, by killing. Killing anything from Matoran to Rahi, and Toas.

Color scheme inspired from Makuta
Head piece inspired from ATS/8 Arachnid, a hunter helmet from Destiny
Chest Plate inspired from the Crest of Alpha Lupi, a hunter chest plate from Destiny
Name "Araknix" was not made by me, but by ToaKeravnos. Thanks so much!

An ancient team of Toa set out to stop Araknix at once, an ancient portal was found at the bottom Aqua Magna. This team of Toa had a mission, to kill Araknix in his own reality before he summoned him self in ours.

In Araknix's own dimension, the Toa slowly lost their minds, lost their memories and were drained of their light. Eventually one one Toa was left, they all under estimated the power of Araknix, in this true form. The last Toa aborted the mission, he left the Dimension and deactivated the portal to ensure Araknix could never leave his own dimension.

Araknix quickly summoned and extra version of him self that followed the Toa out.

If anyone was brave enough to venture into the darkness of Araknix's own reality, brave enough the destroy Araknix in his own dimension, the last Toa would call for you, as he plans to strike Araknix's own reality again.

Araknix hunting a Rahi

Araknix 'trying' to hunt another Rahi

Even the best have fallen to Araknix


Can't way to see what Araknix looks like wink

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No! Toa Bob has fallen frowning


Hurray! You used my Name! But on to the MOC, I like how you used lots of trans green pieces like matoran heads and kopaka shields. The Takadox heads make him look sort of like a dark or corrupted king.

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Yes, he is very Makuta-like. But it looks good on him, especially with the chestplate and the head. The sword is cool, and so is the design for the armor connecting between the legs and waist.

Keep up the great work!

Looks awesome!

I've already said how much I dig that helmet he's got, but I feel like the chest armor overshadows that by a lot. Excellent work!

Defiant can't be used as a noun in that way. It just looks stupid. On the flipside, the MOC itself is quite good. I like the bully look, although I'm not sure I like the head. The horns look weird, and the sideways 08 Avhokii's been done to death.

so, the MU version of Cthulhu?

I'm not sure if I like this moc, I want to, but something about it just rubs me the wrong way.

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I really like the chestplate; very inventive use of the animal head!

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