MOC Backstories

Note: Before I get to the bulk of the post, let me say that I couldn't think of a better place to put this. If someone thinks that it can fit better somewhere else, feel free to suggest.

Well, I've seen plenty of MOC topics, but absolutely no topic that are for one's MOC's backstory(s)*, thus, this topic was born.

Now, since I like to lead by example, I shall present to you the (rather rough) backstory for one of my better MOCs (and one of my few non-BIONICLE ones), Marendex.

Created by the most well-known robotics engineer on Silac, the T-17 Military Attack/Reconnaissance Android Model-X, was to be the front-most fighting robot in the Silacian Military. Unfortunately, a lightning strike fried the inhibitor chip and caused T-17 to go on a rampage, killing its creator and all the military officers at it's unveiling.
It began to go by the name "Marendex" which was both a combination of letters from its original designation, and a portmanteau of "Marel" and "N'Dex", the twin gods of destruction in Silacian culture.
It acquired its Nuclear Broadsword from a fighting master on a jungle planet, and began using it as his signature weapon.
10,000 years after its creation, its fusion reactor began to die, and would go out in a small supernova if not removed and replaced. It was removed and replaced by a less efficient fission reactor, which could not run for an eternity like its old one.
It began a job as a bounty hunter, gathering the cash to fund its need for nuclear fuel.

* watches topic get no traffic and fade into obscurity without a single post *

* Footnote: With the possible exception of RP character topics.


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It's a good idea, just give it time!
I think your backstory was well done!
Also, hooray for surpassing expectations!


Oh no. He's onto my plan to get attention by stating that I won't get attention.
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Not sure if /s applies here or not, but this is meant for humorous purposes.


Idunno if this counts, but here's my rather unimaginative "story" for my self-MOC:

A Bo-Matoran living on Spherus Magna, Ardvesa's memories of the time of the Great Spirit are all but completely faded, but she still recalls more than most. Turaga Faber and the chronicler Fashety once began telling everyone the grand story of the past, and how the Matoran and Agori came to live together, but both had moved on to other projects before they were able to finish it in full. Armed with her own dim memories and a keen sense of arrogance, Ardvesa intends to finish it for them.


I have Scorzen. He's a Toa of Sonics, and I had a whole backstory for him, and then I scrapped it. I'm now working on a massive Nova-Orbis-type thing, which he'll be a part of. But that'll be a while. For now, I have a picture:


I have 2 self-mocs, an HF one and a BIO one.

The Bio one is Litua. He's a Le-Matoran, who was sent to Karzahni for "repairs" and wound up on Voya Nui. He has a knife that for some reason only he can touch, as well as a tablet talking about said tablet. The tablet is broken, though, which annoys Litua to no end, and he hopes to one day find the complete tablet.

The HF one is William Lesser, or Willess, or Wile S. (His name changes frequently) He was once a hero from HF, who discovered that the mission managers who worked for HF were corrupt. (even Zib) William tries to expose the corruption, but in the process alienates pretty much every other hero, including his former best friend, who betrays HF. Then William convinces Alpha team of the corruption in HF, and they must go undercover to find it.

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Hmmm, sorry to say, but I think I'm gonna close this topic, actually. It's a nice idea, but MOC topics should contain this info anyways. This acts more like a MOC topic with bios than either a story topic or a hybrid. If you guys wanna post bios of your characters, go for it within the MOC topics. And if you want stories of them, go for that here. Sorry!