(MOC) Bellata, The Gravity Maiden

Gender: Female

Species: Matoran (Toa)

Element: Gravity

Kanohi: ???

Tool: Sword of Command

Traits: In-control, Honest, Self-Serving

A link to a page with her backstory and other stuff

And I am aware her shoulders need armor. smile


My breathing actually intensified when I saw this. I'm not joking, at all.
There's nothing that I can really peg besides her upper chest, but it is more than made up for by her sword. Awesome job!

Chest is a bit too huge,but otherwise it's a nice MOC
And that sword,my god <3

Wow, thank you! That was quite a reaction!




I feel the spike and the mask are out of place for shoulder armor, think she might need more back coverage, sorta think the stomach bulge is odd(then again I'm not one for perfect anatomy), along with the odd brick-ish feel of the technic pieces, and the hair feels overused with the Hau. Otherwise, she's got a lovely sword, nice colors, interesting pelvis and seems very posable

The shoulders are awfully broad for a maiden... Ok, so as much as I like this moc (which is a lot), it has its flaws.
For one, it does not look feminine in the slightest. The shoulders are too broad, the hips are too thin (Women tend to carry more weight on their hips, men carry more weight near their shoulders), and it honestly looks like a male toa who grew his hair out and is wearing high-heels and a padded bra.

That aside, It is not a bad moc. It is very solid with no apparent gaps, a solid (canonical!) color scheme, and a beautiful weapon.

That said, it would work much better as a male toa. Lose the hair, change the chestpiece to something else, and swap out the feet, and it will make a solid, male, toa of gravity. That, or if you are dead-set on it being female, scrap the torso and completely redo it.

Well I'll just redo the torso. Female Toa of gravity are rather hard to come by. What changes (Besides the hips/shoulders) would you suggest, or is that the only thing wrong?

You could also reduce the size of her chest, or at least make it look smaller by moving her head forward a bit. Other than that, you might want to check out some drawing tutorials that focus on human anatomy for some ideas on how you could make her look less masculine and more feminine. Other than that, there's not much else I can say.

(also sorry if my first critique seemed a little harsh, I just see so many "female" mocs that are little more than a male toa with breasts and hair. It bothers me.)

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Not a fan of the upper chest, as most everyone else seems to be. But the blade is seriously impressive, simple and elegant. Always liked the element of gravity. wink

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I saw this on Custom BIONICLE Wiki. A really cool MOC. I'm glad to see such a successful female-looking MOC, since it's really hard to do that.

it's alrig-

the build is alright, the legs need more armor and the tires look bad,
but ditch the ponytail for the love of makuta.

this has inspired me to make a female toa of iron.
and if anyone gets that, you're cool.

I've already fixed everything I could. I'll get pictures tomorrow. But what do you mean More on the legs? It's CCBS. What more is there to put? Tires? Technic? There aren't many molded pieces that will fit on my already existing legs. I doubt I have the resources to build anything else, though I'm open to suggestions.

the bone sizes you used have pin connections.
half pin+ball joint+ any CCBS shell that works(I find sizes 3 and 4 work well)
tada, you have back limb armor.

also if you have a few of the new addon in silver, try sticking them on the moc in different ways and see if anything works.(I would suggest facing them upwards on the shoulders and lower legs, but I don't know if that might look bad to you).

dude she looks great

Sword is cool. Purple is cool. That's really all I have to say, to be honest.

Wat R u doing





Fixed shoulders

Fixed hair

Remade body

Added more leg armor

Changed arm spikes


Yes that's muuuch better

looks at this

looks at my attempted CCBS MOCs



Yes, yes this is good.