I decided to scrap my Atua titan moc, cause it was utter crap, so I made something else.

these AI were manufactured to deal with various reports of Agori and Glatorian terrorists in Sphera Nui, however due to their effective Artificial brain,and dangerous programming their programming has been stopped and all manufacture has halted, and yet this one is still active…

size comparisons


group shot

other stuff

opinions? comments? criticism? bored?
have a nice day



I like the how the limbs appear (beside the leg) and the looks alittle odd when folded out.

I do question which one is eye/sensor-

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Love that head design.
The rest of the moc is pretty good.
My biggest problem is with the legs and even then it’s not that bad, but the large chest armour doesn’t work too well here especially from the back.

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middle one, the circular lego flat stud thingy, the rest I put on there cause it looked cool

I love how imposing this guy is.

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omgee you copieed a moc i haven’t made yet repertod!!!1!
Terrible Jokes aside, I like this MOC.
The head and body are probably my favorite parts, just because of the look. But overall, this MOC is great.

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I really don’t like the legs, but everything else is fine.

Could you fix up the legs so that does not look like it’s standing on sticks?

Very interesting and unique design. I like it.

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