MOC contest: Serpentus OR Gwendolyn

Hey guys, sorry for the lack of posts but I've been very busy sorting out my university applications. Anyway here we are!
So here it goes. Basically I haven't found the time to get around to making any of the other MOCs so I decided to hold a contest!
INFO: I want you guys to make either Serpentus or Gwendolyn (only one per applicant). They can be any size, colour and so on so forth.
1) you need to send your MOC to this topic by the 30th of September.
2) try to keep your MOC to a set colour scheme, but this is not essential.
3) only one of the two can be chosen, so pick wisely!

I know I don't have much at the moment so I can only offer what I've got. So, for first prize I will design and create a MOC and share with the winner how to make it. Second and third winners will have their MOC highlighted by me in a separate MOC topic. All the winners will also receive likes from me on five of their topics if able.
Let the building commence! Good luck!!

But who are serpentus and Gwendolyn?


I'll join, but:


It really would help to describe, but maybe he wants to encourage creativity.

I'll join