MOC : Cruri

A villager from “The Village of Fire”. He decided to go into hiding after a argument with the “Protector of Fire”. He lives in a cavern outside “The Village of Earth”. He is very clever and theif-like. He occasionally smuggles items from the villagers, but only when “The time is right.”

(Edit) Thank you for the support on the last MOC. If you want a link, here it is MOC : Boiruz


It’s a little hard to see, but I like it. The skull mask also works well for his “outcast” kind of character.

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Very compact I like it

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Looks good, but can you get any better lit pictures?

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The orange works really well in breaking up the more bland combination of silver and trans light neon green, and the little chain on the weapon is a nice touch. The hips could use some coverage, and I personally don’t like the mask, but the unique color scheme and overall compact design make the MOC a pretty good small scale build.

That’s a colour scheme you don’t see everyday

This… I like this. Even though the pictures are a bit dark and blurry, this is a nice little MOC. The only thing that I think could be improved upon is the chest area.

What did you use as a camera? I recommend better lighting and a better background.

It’s my phone. I would totally use my actual camera if it wasn’t broken. -_-