MOC: Demon Lord Xeraxos

This guy doesn’t have a name, so he will be Demon Lord Xeraxos for now. The chest armor, uh, idk what it’s from, but I got it in a Bionicle lot. I think the arm cannon is pretty cool, too. He’s very simple, too. Yes, he uses the same feet as Davir.

Imgur link:


He looks OK, but the Color Scheme is kind of Wonky and his torso is a bit long.

Post a picture of the full MOC, it would help get a better response from more people.

As for the MOC, the middle doesn’t work for me, its just too much of a contrast with the rest of the body in terms of colour and design. Though i like the custom arm.

The torso is too long and the arms are too short. And that bright red piece sticks out too much.

Mata red looks out of place, same with that metru red.
arms look weird, the one on the right with the visorak leg, remove that visorak leg, the left arm
why did you flip the upper arms armour?
put it on the front side
Otherwise its pretty alright

I like this guy. His arms are a tad too short, but that isn’t too bad, I like the gun-hand thing. Using that piece for the thighs is cool, and i like the nipple-blades.


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If I flip the armor, I won’t be able to move his arms, which is quite unfortunate. I had to pull a Gresh for his arms.

Noice! The different reds look a tad bit strange though.

They’re good, but not as good as Ehyre’s. A man can only try.

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I really like the arm canon but that’s about all I like. :confused:

[Meso’s Muaka Voice]
The Time-Traveling Muaka can’t take this Vocabulary. I shall reemerge as an arm!

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