MOC: Dintuk, Toa Kona of Sonics

Are there noble Matatus in silver?

The third Toa Kona I managed to build. Shiny boi with the club, comin’ for ya masks.

“Be careful not to make a sound”

He doesn’t really have a backstory yet, but I can tell you that he likes to dance and to steal his opponent’s masks and wear them himself. Most of the time, he just gives 'em a good smack with his club (which gives off a deafening sound when hitting hard objects), and hopes that the mask didn’t get damaged.
Otherwise, his story is similar to the ones of the other Toa Kona: transformation, bad guys attack, explosion, he ends up in the middle of nowhere (in his case in Fa-Wahi). After some time, he finds Bakali, who’s currently the Toa of Earth and a former Matoran friend of him. They wander around and decide to travel around the island, to find the other missing Toa.

rubber bands :ok_hand:

did me a frighten

Clubby McClubface’s innards

I actually called it »Küster«, translate at your own risk.

smol, swol, and gun & back, shine, and bat

Like this fella? I don’t know personally. I would have rather used trans yellow or clear, but those add-ons didn’t let me. :dizzy_face:
Tell me your opinions.


I love the colour scheme and design choices

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The torso design is really creative.


Looking pretty good! I enjoy the general look of the thing, but I do have a few small pointers.

The torso armor is my biggest gripe, as it is rather bland, you could maybe use some greebles and exo-force arms or something to spice it up, and maybe try to work on the heartlight, it sticks out a bit too fair IMO.

All in all, really neat! good work man! :wink:

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Nice to see the noble Matatu more!

The armoring leaves some gaps here and there, but the overall design and custom torso are great.

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At first, I thought this moc was going to simple, until I saw the back-
Clever back design but doesn’t contrast much with the front design.

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