MOC Drawing

I did this a week ago i wasn’t sure if i wanted to post it here but ill go for it creative criticism is fine i just hope i can rap my head around the criticisms so yeah.
<img src="/uploads/db5640/original/4X/e/9/7/e97fbd119d4d02f23679eaeb2255fc3f6880e1f2.png"width=“281” height=“500”>


Quite accurate! Good job!

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Cool take! I like it!

D.Va with M.E.K.A armor?


It looks cool, though the hands a re a little large.

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I kinda like the way you imagined the whole moc and how you remade most of the proportions, however I kinda feel there is too much pink and not enough dark blue to balance it. This may be a problem of the moc that was passed to the drawing, but it’s a problem nonetheless. At least in my opinion.

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The head looks too small in the drawing.

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