Moc: dusker

Some kind of gangsta robot

Hope ye like!


gangster robot with a katana-ish blade, heavy weapons, and a scrap-ish build?

I feel it's already been used but since I haven't seen similar nice concept

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Very nice!

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Looks cool. I like the gun.

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Thank you!


I really like it! My only issue is in the feet, though(they seem too un-proportional compared to the rest of the body). I would give it a 9/10.

smile Amazing Work! smile

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Thank you! c:

Ok.... I see what you were going for, but only one word comes to min when seeing this.
The gun is nice. I love it so much. The sword's good too. Now let's go into the cons (these will be harsh, and I mean no offense. just a heads up.)
To start off, it looks like it has chicken legs. Those thighs are huge. and then the feet are hands. they look incredibly awkward and I can't imagine it being easy to stand him up on those.

The torso is perhaps the messiest thing I've ever seen. it looks like Bayformers went and found Chappie and they had a kid.

The head is nice, but I feel like it needs eyes.

Now, I love your piece usage. you clearly know how to make things. I just never seem to like the aesthetics you go for. I'd love to see you try to go for something that looks and feels a bit more Bionicle-y.

really cool design but... those thighs tho

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Pretty nice, but... it doesn't seem like there is much here