MOC : Ekimu Follower

These villagers differ greatly from the Makuta Followers. Unlike the Followers of Makuta, these villagers are chosen by each tribe’s protector based on their actions of a 5 year period. This group is treated with much respect and return the favor. These followers are mask-makers and provide the tribes with mask. They are pacifist, trying to avoid fighting at all cost.

(I wanna thank you all for all the support on the Makuta Follower, if you haven’t seen it, here’s the link MOC : Makuta Followers Thanks for the support guys :smile:.


Wow m8 wut a pleb healer.
But seriously nice MOC.

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The legs look a little weird, almost like pants, but overall this is quite a nice MOC, if a little cluttered in some places.


Thanks man

I appreciate all the criticism you’ve given to me, really appreciate it man

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Why do he got the Mask of Creation? And wings?

Read the title then ask yourself again.


I assume it’s because they are “Ekimu Followers.” Ekimu has the legendary mask of creation, and Ekimu has his falcon, which would explain the wings. Since these are based off of Ekimu, both of those things make sense.



He means that the reason for these things you complained about is in the title.

I understood, but when I hear “Ekimu Follower” I imagine a Okotan, and the normal Okotans wear a normal Okotan Mask (without Ekimu and Makuta) and don’t have wings.