MOC: Emuex (Self-MOC)

Here he is. Emuex (pronounced M-U-X) is pretty much just an Inika build on steroids. He comes included with the very 'original' Inika build, a very 'original' color scheme, and 'original' limbs! I'll let the pictures do the talking, and leave you with this picture of his feet. I just think the integration of the small Mahri-blades and how they stick out the back looks cool.

Imgur link:


He doesn't have much of a neck.

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I didn't notice the link and I thought your self MOC was a pair of feet.


You're saying it's not?
@Sciencegiraffe Eh, neck schmeck.


It's like a cooler version of Nuparu Mahri with hints of green and a cool sword. GJ, mang. I like it.

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MOC looks alright to me - while the Inika build is a little generic it does the job of providing a basic design. I find it a tad odd the lower legs bellow out a bit, but other than that i like it :slight_smile:

Same xD


Edit: Added second pic to avoid confusion/debate on whether the MOC is a person or just a pair of feet, never thought I would have to type that.


You're welcome, my frendo!

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HE HAS AN EK NECK! Yeah, he's fine for an inikia build.

VERY ORIGINAL 100 000 000/10


But seriously,it's actually pretty cool for an inika(phantoka?) build

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Eh. If you're going to use Nuparu's mask, give him a different colour scheme.


I think it's one of the only original things on this MOC, having the mask color be the same as the secondary color as opposed to the main color.

The green doesn't really stand out very much, at least for me, but it still seems really great, and those feet are pretty great...

Sees cracked joints

...Oh the humanity...

Begins crying

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It started when I used the joints of Spinax, and then my sister dropped my LEGO bin with him inside, and then the pain began...

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an ultimate Nuparu? nice

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Edit: Just got a shipment of parts from Bricklink, and now he doesn't have horridly cracked limbs.

@EvilLobsterKing, your tears may stop now.



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Yup. Beefy Nuparu Mahri.


mmmmmmmm double swords

and flash on when it's dark for uber edgginess


So, I kid you not, I thought I had posted here. Mother of pancakes.

After seeing this MOC in person while I was in Utah, I've gotta say that this impresses me. These pictures hardly do it justice. I'm a big fan of the torso, and how well put together it is. The color scheme is rather solid, although I would've either changed out the light gray or the green for another color that might be more visible and contrasting.

I'm not sure about the feet, because nothing is wrong with them, but the Mahritoran blades seem a little unsual being there.

The sword is fantastic. It reminds me greatly of the Aqua Blaster Blade from that one fan contest, although the addition of the Skrall armor helps it coincide with the rest of the MOC.

All in all, I'm impressed. My sincerest apologies for the delay, and great work on this MOC. Thanks for coming out the park and hanging out with me in September, and keep on MOCing!