MOC : Equinox

A result of boredom and spare time. Enjoy (or not)

(I'm sorry about the quality, my camera is a big piece of crap)


From what I can make out he looks pretty good if not too simple. Though it might be me but when I think equinox small and simple isn't the first words to come to mind.

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It was a last minute name. Just called him that because of his mainly black and white color scheme. Thanks for the feedback

Some pictures where we can see him properly would be nice :confused:


I like the head design, but the lower legs looks a little weird with the long armor piece.

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I like it. Some slightly better picks would be nice. Glad to see I'm not the only one who uses that armor piece for a head :wink:

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Couldn't find Kopaka or Onua Master's head, so I had to improvise :wink: