MOC from The 9 Day Revamp To Christmas (2014)

Here is all the revamp from the 9 Day Revamp To Christmas. That I have done on my BZP blog, flickr and DeviantART.
The 9 revamps was Lewa, Onua, Pohatu, Mata Nui, Gali, Kopaka, Takanuva, Teridax and Tahu.


Day 1: Lewa

flickr, deviantART

Day 2: Onua

flickr, deviantART

Day 3: Pohatu

flickr, deviantART

Day 4: Mata nui

flickr, deviantART

Day 5: Gali

flickr, deviantART

Day 6: Kopaka

flickr, deviantART

Day 7: Takanuva

flickr, deviantART

Day 8: Teridax

flickr, deviantART

Day 9: Tahu

flickr, deviantART

Hope you all like theses revamp and would like hear you honest opinion and criticism about these.


disclaimer, I only critque to improve, or something like that
Lewas looks way to bulky
the hf helmet looks awkward too
the shades of green are nice
otherwise, pretty good

the drone parts on his upper body armour are wierd
and the colours are a little inconsistent
Also to be completely honest
necklace is dumb

Pohatu may be one of my favourites here, I have no real gripes with it
maybe except for the random red balljoint on his neck

mata nui is my least favourite here, he seems very skinny, too tall, and the cloak is wierd

gali is my second least favourite, the background is annoying and makes it hard to focus on her, and she has a very overdetailed body, and again, hf helm is wierd

kopaka is another favourite here
not sure if you tryed to make it feel all knight like
but I like it none the less
no real gripes with it

Takanuva is so and so
He is way to bulky, and has way too much gold compared to the white
the weapon is strange also, why a scythe, and whats with the trans avohkii?
But I do like the moc, its very well detailed

makuta is a good one too, but the scythe feels way to small for him

finally tahu
hands are wierd, dont know whats going on with the stickers, otherwise, pretty cool, very nice

Takanuva had a scythe in the movie .

he had a kolhii stick

Which was also a scythe.

Think about it mang.

it was a kolhii stick

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#it was a kolhii stick, and we are off topic

Just letting you know, the deviantART picture have more to show of the revamp and show the back as well (I should make a note of that to let everyone know) because I dislike uploading the same picture on flick on deviantART.

Anyway I agree with you on the HF helmet, I was trying to do something new with those because I have a lot of those, in fact, the HF helmet on Lewa is only being hold by a rubberband. I was thinking that people wouldn’t like the color on Lewa because I had a color crisis and had no idea what green or what color to use on him.

Onua I was trying to give him more purple and a little more gold instead of just it being all black, but it failed do to that I don’t have a lot of good purple to use on him.
Also The necklace I was trying to make it to be a lightstone but ya, it do look pretty dumb.

The red balljoint on Pohatu neck, I didn’t have any black balljoints at that time

Kopaka I wasn’t trying to give him the all knight like feeling.
Takanuva was base on Kopaka build (Kopaka was the first to be revamp) and I did meant to give Takanuva more gold then white and the Scythe… it looked like a scythe in the movie. Also I used the Glitter Trans-Clear Avohkii, because it would be a huge eye sore if it was dark gold.

Makuta I tried to make the scythe bigger but if I make it bigger, it would fall over.

The sticker on Tahu I was trying to do something different.

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Okay. Fine. Lemme critique the MOCs themselves.
Okay…not my favorite. I like some of the techniques but he just seems too cluttered with details. As always I’m not a fan of mixing silvers let-alone mixing yellows. The red pins also stick out, and like Payto said, the HF plate looks awkward.
The weapon is epic. The torso is a bit awkward though, and the gold is very misplaced. Other than that I like it, especially since to me, necklaces are cool. Ek used to have one.
I’m torn between loving him and hating him. The proportions are off, but I like the color/armor placement. Very true to the 2015 form. The feet are weird though, and I feel he’s kinda generic.
Meh no. My least favorite here by a long shot. He’s just very bland.
Pretty good. The smoothest out of these and by extension one of my favorites. Like Potao said though she’s got some awkward armor though.
He’s both my favorite…and an abomination. HOW MANY STINKING HEADS DID YOU USE ON THIS GUY!!! I see Metus heads, Frost Beast heads, Nuju Hordika heads, Rocka 3.0 heads…

The shield is really attractive though. Th sword is a bit generic, much to my dismay.

Those SCYTHES are really attractive. The rest is a bit mediocre though, with some awkward armoring and the fact that he’s too bulky to be a bigger Takua.
I like…I like a lot. All I have to say.

Well, that and the scythe IS too small.
Mmmmmm. Much Omega. Not a fan of the stickers though.

Sorry if these are a bit lacking. I usually go more in depth but I don’t have closeups.

[quote=“pot8o, post:8, topic:4791”]G,
it was a kolhii stick

Dont worry, we made up on skype

Its hereby known as a kolhii scythe stick thing

@Ekorak @pot8o @charyas BLARGH! it is Transformed Kolhii stick! That Became Kolhii-Sycthe!

Eatherway @ShadowWolfHount i think that all of them are interesting, Lewa Lacks in his Mata Green a bit, and I dont Realy like it, altho He is Realy nice Moc. Onua Is Just simply Wierd… I dont like Golden Piraka legs on him. Pohatu I Definitly Interesting and neat, Tho i Hate Ussage of Chima Wings… Its Wierd :L Mata Nui is Nice, I see you gone with the Trend of Ekimu Beeing Mata Nui, so you aded Mask Maker Hammer. Gali will be My Favourite Here… I like Big Flipper taken from her 2015 Version. Only problem I have with her are hooks… they are too small! Also, random Red balljoint. I Hate Kopaka. He has Too “Fat” legs and too small sword (Tho His Shield Is Interesting, and nice addition, aswell as piece ussage). Takanuva can Be simply called Goldanuva… also light blue on his sycthe breaks colour-scheme. My other choice for best of 9 moc is Teridax… all i can say is that i love ussage of Green+Transparent Hoses (also is this Ultimate dume kinnda thing? you know… Wings?) Golden Eyes… are Wierd. And finnaly Omega Tahu… He is Meh… Stickers on mask does not fit him, but fits any other moc that uses red Hau, also i dont like That Chima Phoenix Tribe Stickers, Those feel outta place!

Thats all!

I agree about Lewa, he was basically the worst MOC/revamp I have ever made. The color give me a color panic because I had no idea what color to use on him for side and main color. But hopefully with the silver add-on armor on his leg come in a different color like yellow or green one day.

Onua I was trying to use less gold and more people and keep the silver only for the weapon. The necklace was meant to be a Lightstone.

With Pohatu I was trying to make him a mix with the 2001 and 2015. In my deviantART description, I did bring up that his feet was meant to be his Feet Additions.

Mata Nui I don’t blame you, I way add him to the next year 9DRC because of it.

Gali I was trying to make her have like a underwater suit and keeping it a mix with the Master, Mata and Nuva (nuva mostly on that battleaxe).

I have no idea why I’m starting to use so many head in all my stuff, hell Kopaka is pretty much have the most heads out of all the others. The shield was going to just have the Rocka shield piece but I added the Metus shield as well, the sword I just wanted to keep it as the normal Kopaka Ice Sword.

Takanuva I had no idea what I was doing with him. But with the scythes I used the Tarix Blade piece to have the Translucent Light Blue as a light energy or something like that.

Makuta thanks and I have order something last month that I’m pretty sure you are going to like it a lot. Also the scythe I’m starting to agree but the only thing is that any weapon he have only can easily make his upper body fall over (hope I fix that problem).

Tahu… okay I now want to do a poll of the best Omega Tahu (already know about three other people who made a Omega Tahu), the sticker is something new I was trying to do.

The closeup picture, there more pciture on DeviantART and the flickr you just click on the picture and it comes up bigger.

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On a level of one to Omega, how Tahu is this?

Phenix Omega level :stuck_out_tongue:

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Ok I’m going to disagree with everyone here. I the mata nui revamp is actually one of my favorites. I think he just looks so epic.

I’m on the side that my Mata-Nui revamp was rubbish and it’s the only one out of the 9 revamp that was taken apart.

Also next mouth for the 9DRC 2015 is going to be Hero Factory

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can’t wait to see them