Moc (G1) Toa Akustisk

sword and sheild








ready to fight

This is Toa Akustik

He is the mystical twin of Kopaka but less serious he got straded on the island of Horuto.

Because of a crime he didn't commit. he sworn to mata nui that he one day would get revenge on the dark hunters that made him go to exile on Horuto.

Akustisk journal day 1

i was stranded her today for commiting a murder That some dark hunters did they took my shape with a mask of shape shifting and they locked me in a cabin and when i got out the toa order was after me.

Back to the present
Well the island they stranded me on wasen't that bad its lovely i dont no why they choosed this place i think i love it here.

Well at least the sigth is good. but the animals here are really mad i have killed like ten nui jagas already.

This is the only thing left of Akustisk journal that Takanuva found on the golden beach of Horuto before he came to karda nui to help his brothers.


species: Toa

elmental power: Ice

mask power: x ray vision

weapons: Two hooks, A sword, a shield and a axe

colurs: White, black and dark and ligth grey

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The way you use the Hau on the torso gives the body a weird, kinda awkward shape.

IMO, the chest should be the most prominent piece of a MOC's torso, and here the prominence is right below it.

Also I think maybe the neck sticks out a bit, but it's nicely detailed and constructed, by the looks of it. However, I will mention that I think the color scheme could use...condensing. I mean, bronze, brown, all shades of grey, just make it look messy against the white and bits of red look you're going for.

Maybe try to minimize those, if you can.


Thanks for the tips But the moc has been recentlly diassemble so if I what to revamp it I will get some more parts from bricklink first.

Because i am really low on parts at the time

I can see that you have done lot of custom parts here, but color scheme seems very messy, some technic parts just stick out, cuz they are not overed with armor, and also, shaky camera work makes it bit worse.

It's meditating.

Eh.. I cant get over That colour scheme... i understand what you tried to do... but... Well... its just wierd. Alos That White Hau is a bit wierd

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