MOC Galkor the Unhinged

Here is the MOC. Took only an hour and a half. Kudos to @Ghosty for the torso build inspiration. If you saw my previous MOC, can you compare and tell me if it's an improvement. Also tell me how I could improve. Hope you like!!! :smile:

Front view

Side view

Back view

Another side view

Height Comparison

Random Poses

This shows off the waist articulation

"Axe or sword"

"Mind if I gate crash?!!!"
Sorry if the picture quality is poor, took them on my phone


I wish that the picture quality was better, but the MOC it's self definitely looks unhinged.

Thanks! those are much better!

Never taking pictures at night again :smile: or 4 o'clock onwards when it's dark. Glad you like 'em. Anyway I could improve him?

Maybe try filling in the gaps on the legs.

Perfect! I love when things work out that way!

I like it!! He is probably one of you're best Mocs I have seen so far, I think the arms are a tad bit too long, otherwise I like him very much

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Cheers, apparently not many others thought so

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It looks very interesting

In a good way??

In a good way yes

Good, thanks

No problem