Moc Game Concept

I’ve had an idea for a while and I’m wondering if anyone would be interested. Concept is, we start a thread, drop an idea/inspiration, and then someone has to turn it into a moc. You have to make the moc of the previous comment above you. This is still a rough idea. Would anyone be interested in a type of game like this?


Sounds interesting, but it’d be a very long term game and it might suck if you built a MOC only to find out someone else already had.


Yeah, maybe. It doesn’t have to be serious tho! More than one person can make a moc and I think that could be fine. Its really just for some wholesome moc-ing interaction with each other on the forums!


I mean if it was primarily matoran-based than that would be fine. I mean like choosing color, mask and style and then building a matoran or small rahi.

Why not larger?

because spending a lot of time on a MOC that no one isn’t really going to see isn’t something I want to do. I’m not saying that I only moc for the attention, I’m saying that if I make something good, than I want people to see it.

Whats to prevent you from posting it then? For me a lot of the fun of moc-ing is just building it. It can be fun to build something from a concept that you didn’t originally make yourself. Kind of stimulates ya to expand the horizons y’know?


Actually yeah that would be good

I like this idea

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This sounds like a fun idea, but I think it will require a bit more effort than any other game. I do think it should mostly be a joke, (As in the MOCs will be pretty bad) and in order to make sure we don’t have two people on one MOC, if someone replies to another person saying they will make the build requested, the one who made the request will have to put it in there message that someone has claimed the idea. Let me know if that doesn’t make sense.

makes sense

makes no sense :laughing:

People might want to be able to receive critique on their builds, and some people don’t want to waste time making joke MOCs.

How did you do that?

That’s only one character.


Anything between < > as long as there’s no spaces is interpreted as html, even if it isn’t a viable command. However, it also counts as characters, so < N01InParticularisgrumpy> without the space at the beginning counts as multiple characters.

Aight lets test. Make a Cordax themed moc. Go!


Joke MOCs don’t take very long. I think the point is that you make something in like 10 minutes or something. If it looks good, I think it will kind of ruin the game for all the people who don’t want to put in effort.

If you’re not willing to put effort into a build … idk, maybe you shouldn’t build it at all.

Yay Cordax mocs!

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I call this one. 100% building a vacuum salesman vignette.

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That’s not the point. My point, is that I want this to be very relaxed. I feel that if people start posting these excellent MOCs, it will discourage others.

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