MOC: General Mosok

Meet Mosok, General of an army that is yet to be named. This MOC is the result of one evening of building, so it isn’t that complex. Also note that the pictures were taken with my phone, so I apologize for the (probably) low quality.

Front view

Back view

Armorless front view

Armorless back view (notice those small black spikes on the newer-style mata hand? they’re going to be important later)

Torso build side view wow my fingers look smooth

Torso build front view

Here’s where the spikes come into play; you attach them to the thumbs…

…so that he can hold his weapon. Didn’t expect that, hm :wink:

Also, the weapon in his hands, but bigger (you can attach it to the springfire missile piece on his back, but that will disable his function)

I for myself am satisfied with how he turned out. I’m looking foward to constructive critiscism (or name and troop suggestions for the army :grin:).


Or, you could have just used hydraxon hands, then there wouldn’t be those ugly storm beast sockets.
This is alright, though the hands and legs really drag it down.
The legs have exposed knee joints and are from the knee down kopaka’s with a different add-on, they’re also the only red on the moc.


Overall, i really like this. But if there was anything i would change, it would be the open sockets on the hands, and the red thighs, but those are very minor critiques.

I think the Kulta chest printing would look better, but I suppose he’d look to much like Kulta. really like those shoulder pads! I wish I had them…

I considered the Hydraxon design, but I wanted Mosok’s hands to be big and not like my other MOCs’ hands, which nearly all use the Hydraxon design.

Yeah, the red thighs aren’t really optimal, but I had to work with what I had.
I personally don’t mind the open sockets (I see them as some kind of extra armor/spikes) but I can understand why they’re not a good thing.

I tried Kulta’s chest, but didn`t like the look (although it would make the red thighs stick out less).

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welcome to the onua shovel armor club pally-o

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Not bad, I like the decision to use Onuas shovel pieces for the armor; it really works for him.

Can you make a How-To topic?

Not bad at all! Has a great sensation of authority that makes it very believable as a general. I suggest filling the empty ball sockets in the hands with some ball joints, and maybe stick some spikes on those, as it would make it look a bit more complete to some people’s eyes (I personally don’t mind them).
Overall a very solid design, good job!

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This is a nice MOC. I like the torso especially. Nice job!

On what exactly? The whole figure? I thought the pictures showed everything.

Yeah, you are right.

I’ll do it as soon as I can (if by “yeah, you are right” you’re telling me to do a How-To topic on the whole figure, but I highly doubt that now, give me some clarification, please).

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have you tried giving him horns? I dunno, It might give a more demonic and unnatural look.

Well it is pretty simple, you are right. But for the folks who are new in the CCBS build isn’t very simple. I can rebuild it without a How To, but I am more than sure there exist some folks who don’t know.
Plus, if there will exist a How To for this creation, I will ask you if you allow me to use it in my future videos.

I’ll make one.

Here are some pictures of him with horns, I like the last version especially.

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I think the horns facing away from his face look pretty good, but yea the last one look the best.