Moc: H.E.K.T.O.R

this is one of my proudest MOCs so far. Though I apologize if some of the images are a bit hard to see.

rip greivous

while it did take some inspiration from this guy:
In terms of being a post-apocalypse themed MOC, I’d like think I added my own “RoboCop meets SOMA meets MadMax, Walking Dead and Fallout” twist, which I think works better with a constraction figure MOC.

A man is diagnosed with a terminal illness and falls into a coma, he awakes years later in a robotic body in the ruins of a hospital. He as some slight memory loss. Having your brain moved into a robot will do that. The only name he can think to call himself is the name scratched into his exoskeleton, H.E.K.T.O.R. His onboard systems inform him that the area is highly irradiated. He repairs his exoskeleton with parts from robots of a similiar models.

He eventually reaches a settlement of various diseased matoran and humans that tell him he is in a “Containment Zone” which are large areas that were blasted with nuclear bombs during a war twenty years ago, now they are used as giant prisons though most people living here were wrongfully incarcerated.

Now he wanders this wasteland searching for clues about his family and a chance to escape the Containment Zone.

This here is supposed to be inspired by the PipBoy of Fallout

Now I think this character deserves a soundtrack:


Uh… What’s that Hero Core doing “south of the border”?


censorship :tongue:


A tad scrawny for a jumbled robot shell.
Still pull off the look well.

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thank you

@Toa_Irokyei @TheRed1s
XD the core was supposed to be a belt buckle H as in Hektor

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ohhhh… In all honesty, I had no clue what it was

cool idea tho :thumbsup:

it’s why there’s a bunch of rubber bands and chains strapped to it

that would explain it XD

Cool! It looks like something out of Destiny! And we’re talking soundtracks? I’d give MY self-MOC the album “Night Visions” by Imagine Dragons. It just fits! :laughing: Not that that matters anyway…

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