MOC: Iron turtle (Name wip)

so cool, you dont even know

Of course, with all of my mocs, one foot is a different colour


(PS: I dont like four legged mode, you dont like four legged mode, we all dont like four legged mode)
also, gonna throw in a little something extra

..but whats with the green and plants behind him...?


Neat use of CCBS in a transforming build. Doesn't look too much like a turtle though (IMO).

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Yeah, but you can still call it turtle mode or somethin' stuck_out_tongue

Eh, its sort of a codename
the actual name is well.. a buncha numbers
like all robots

For some reason the imgur gallery is being incredibly laggy.

But the humanoid form looks neat for something so basic.

Yay, the whole point was them to be basic and try to look slightly cool
I sorta want to build more of these, different tiers of the robots, then build the almighty robot leader

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How is this a turtle?...

I don't know, I made this nearly a year ago, I don't really care for any of my old mocs either.