MOC: Junkas, Flaming Swordsman

Horrible articulation.

So, I tried an Inika build, and this was the result. He’s named after my dog, because I was told they look alike.

Right now, I don’t like him. He was just an experiment, and it’s extremele unlikely I will ever use the Inika build again.

But I still have something nice.
Incredibly heavy spoilers that really do give away every important information you need to know about the MOC I’m currently working on that are totally not just one picture of the first version of the right arm and the weapon:

I apologize for horrible photography and am interested in how Junkas and most importantly the arm will be received.
I’m actually a bit dizzy this time, so here, take it, my favorite thing on this entire site: :dizzy_face:
Good night.


Is it because Raanu’s helmet looks like it has a snout? :grimacing:

Solid Inika build. Flames are a neat touch.

To see if a pure Inika build would make a good moc?

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Not bad, but for an Inika build the is really good.

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I guess that’s the case.

To see if I could even do anything decent with an Inika build.

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eh this is just a basic inika build but yknow he still looks kinda cool


Nice. That sword dominates!

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