MOC: Kopra , legion of demise

Once again , got fascinated by a build ( construction grevious build ) and inspired to build a bionicle character out of that smile

Backstory smile

There was a mask maker , which tried to recreate the kanohi avohki , using the terribly unstable energized protodermis. In its creation process however , the mask started to show weird pulses , and it was gradually turning grey. Curious , the mask maker brought the avohki clone closer to his face for inspection , that's when dark tendrils of shadow latched on to him , transforming him into a giant . He was kopra , but now all he is is a hulking beast. The mask he bore was the kanohi vraska , mask of demise , which allows the user to permanently drain the powers of rival kanohi .

It is said that once , kopra attacked a Makuta stronghold during the dark hunter wars , it is not known what happened to kopra , but mysteriously , it was the same time period when the kanohi avsa , mask of draining worn by Makuta vampra appeared.


Plural's Quick Review:

  • Color Scheme is consistent
  • Legs seem to have limited articulation
  • Open Balljoint on the back
  • Red spikes on legs are Meh
  • Legs are Gappy
  • Arms seem to get in the way

I would give this MOC a 5/10.

Needs Some Work wink

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Awesome Moc dude, you really got the General Grevious build looking great.

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Although it has a few issues you still managed to make a very intimidating and evil looking moc. I really enjoy the way this guy looks- good job!

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I love this! It looks great! The mask fits the build very well. Good job!


I'm at a loss for words...

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I got to say this is great!
But the tubes on his shoulder feel out of place.

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I really like it. Especially the use of the gunmetal avokii that nobody uses in MOCs.

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Looks pretty cool.

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it is to edgy

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Nice! But could you put it on a table and take a picture of it? Kinda hard to see the legs/chest. : I

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Oh Wow.

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Ow. The edge. It hurts!

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This looks good.


  • Build is solid, but not original.
  • Colour scheme is consistent, but BLUE PINZ!!
  • Open ball joints on knees, and I think on his rear.
  • Seems fairly gappy, although this is standard for CCBS, and this is a pretty good build.
  • Upper arms seem too thin, as does the middle of the lower legs.

I'd give a 6/10. Good work, but the build is not yours, and a few other small issues bring the score down. Subjectively, however, I really love the way it turned out.