MOC: Krikiri, Toa of Lightning

Old purple is best purple. Sadly, I only own like four different pieces in that color.

Not much to say about her.

Onewa is smol

Compared to my other MOCs, she has a pretty vibrant color scheme. I don't like the CCBS shell on her left forearm, so I might exchange it for a smaller one.


The colors are weird, as cannon lighting is blue and white. The purple stands out s bit but I really like the build


Even though the colors are weird, I strangely like them a lot! I think the build can be weird in places though.


There's something appealing to the chosen color scheme here; maybe the way it's distributed. Besides that I really like how you designed the torso.

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o lord

tje combination of that shade of yellow and that shade of purple just sort of sears my eyes in the way old technic sets did.

the addition of blue, however, just makes the colorscheme a mess.

Great Moc one this though is you spelled voriki wrong. I really like how you used a lot of different shades for diffrebt colors of lightning. Im not a big fan of the different colour thighs besides that one thing its a great Moc and keep up the great work

The lack of eyes is a little disturbing, and the abundance of colors here really help this MOC stand out.

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The eyes are yet to be ordered :stuck_out_tongue:

Canon lightning? Does lightning have a canon?

I can't say I like the purple with the rest of it. It throws off the entire color scheme for me.

Interesting moc. Color scheme i like. Lower legs seem a little too long. But still cool build. Like all the electric type of detail. I really like this moc.

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I decided to replace all the purple with blue.
I like it much more, but now I'll have to put a yellow-silver-purple-translightblue colored MOC on my to-do list, because I still really like that combination.
Also, she now is another Noble Matatu wearer (i only have grey ones ok)
The Noble Matatu really is great :stuck_out_tongue:

I'm afraid that this place isn't big enough for two of those masks, stranger



First build I was iffy about. Looked really random and had to many colours for my liking. V.2 however looks pretty great. I don't agree with the colour scheme but it's a colour scheme non the less. Even though you mentioned it I still gotta say it. The grey mask doesn't fit very well.

Overall pretty cool design and the colour scheme is better.

You took away the best part....

It seems really boring without the purple imo.