MOC: Kuvik, Toa Kona of Ice


Yes, the fourth Toa Kona I completed. As a Toa of ice, he obviously has an incredibly unique color scheme. /s

His backstory isn’t really important right now, mainly because he barely has any.

Most of the time, Kuvik is calm and respecting. When handling situations, he’s confident and trusts his and his teammates’ abilities, but he knows what they can and what they can’t do.

The black technic connector piece on his chest might be replaced with a white one in the future.


Storing the sword:

Some sort of size comparison with Ga-Matoran Kilmuk:

Toa Kona group shot:

Advice requested; Noble Akaku or Great Matatu?

The Great Matatu is relatively big and clunky, but I like the helmet-like look it has. The Noble Akaku fits better with the spikes.

There is no story-related reason to his size, he’s just really tall.


You should use the Noble Akaku, it’s a nice mask. even though Solek wears it

As for the MOC, it’s pretty n-ICE. Jokes aside, it’s pretty COOL looking. Okay, I’ll stop. But seriously, this is a great MOC.


I would recommend that. Chest doesn’t look very good in solid black.

That aside, looks good. Personally I like the look of both masks, but the noble Akaku better.

I actually really like this, I like what you’ve done with the ammo belts, it gives a really cool look, pardon the pun.
The noble Akaku works really well, nice work :+1:

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Doesn’t look too unique to me

Excuse that, sorry. That concept for the torso is pretty dang cool. The way those wing pieces are made, though, throws off the perceived shape of the torso. Replacing that black connector in the torso could do a lot to help, not only make the torso shape more discrete, but also for balancing the white balance in the torso. Besides that, maybe consider making the shoulders less wide or the legs thicker, because right now you’ve got what looks like a big muscular torso on top of some pretty skinny legs.

Lastly, I’d vote for the Akaku.

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I really appreciate the use of those Chima Eagle wings. They really remind me of ■■■■■ or coat frills.

N -ICE MOC! I like his build. I’m not sure about the clawed feet… I would put the white connector piece and more trans blue pieces on the chest. I like the noble akaku better.