★Moc. Libelle

Libelle, along with Sentile are two experimental subjects with bodily improvements. She offered her body in exchange for money to survive. The organization that made this possible was dismantled by the local authorities and Libelle and Sentile had nowhere to return. They now devote themselves to taking care of each other by trying to get resources
Sentile will be shown next weekend (surely)

:arrow_forward:More pictures on Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/157030317@N06/sets/72157687531258570


How is it standing?

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Using a stand, you can see it in other pics


Besides the lack of green on the lower half, it looks fantastic.

Soooo gooood. I love unstable foot designs because they just make the MOC “stand” out.

Rip those feet

I find the colors very attractive.

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this is a great moc i love the upper leg design and the use of a nuva chest piece

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The lack of green in the lower half doesn’t actually bug me, nice work. Though it’s a shame it has to use a stand.

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Oh snap. Whatup, its this boi. Long time no see, Darkraimaster!