MOC: Lightstone Pohatu


Here it is, my most recently created abomination. A recreation of Pohatu Mata using CCBS, featuring a color scheme that is supposed to poke fun at G2 Pohatu’s and Uniter Tahu’s color scheme, and no gear function. I hope you enjoy this.


Back (ok the legs are horrible from the back, I know):

Obligatory Bulsik cameo:

As you might have noticed, the torso (using the beast frame) is upside down, something that was necessary to be implemented. My favorite thing about him is the bulk on his legs, and his feet are cool too.

Your thoughts?


The proportions look very very bad imo


Wow, Pohatu got thicc.


Source material is cruel…


With Pohatu you could say working with it is STONE hard. bwahahahaha(I don’t feel gud)

I don’t really mind the proportions since they match Pohatu, and the MOC isn’t bad by itself, the feet are especially nice.

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Oh man, this is great. I really needed that.

I cant stop seeing vector from despicable me in this MOC.

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Even for Pohatu the proportions are kinda bothersome.
And the tan doest look very good.

-10pts for the obnoxious colours

+50pts for equipping him with the Ali Baba’s Wee Booties. His turning control must be amazing.



Not too big a fan of the lone stud in the back, but the rest is okay. Keep up the good work!

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+500 mega respect points

Now all I can picture is 2015 Pohatu drowning his sorrows in a bottle of beer while casually firing a grenade launcher at random.

Darnit Gringat!