MOC : Makuta Followers

These villagers are different from the averege ones. These are followers of the Makuta. These villagers left their tribes and formed the "Followers of Makuta". They worship the Makuta is ruins located in dark places such as caverns, ruins, ect. They often travel in hordes of 5 and smuggle resources from the tribes. They are often considered barbarians by the native tribes and are often treated as such when they are spotted.

(I know it is a very simple MOC, just testing out some things with CCBS)

(Edit) Here is the Ekimu Follower if you wanna see :smile:


It looks a little awkward in places, but this is overall a very cute and cool MOC.


Thank you for the criticism. It is just a test, I might make an updated version once I get better with CCBS.

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Looks like a priest or leader with all that gold. Also, it seems really cluttered in some areas, but I like that.

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Not sure if the gold was a compliment or not, but thank you for the feedback. :smile:

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Looks cool, It is pretty simple but I like to build simple Mocs as well. Better pictures
Would help, and mabey a darker color scheme like gunmetal or black with silver or gold armor plates?

Nice. Like the color usage and such.

Why do he got the Mask of Control?

It is a carving, they worship Makuta

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I misread the title as Makuta Flowers.

I was disappointed.

Cute though.