MOC: Makuta Izeriax

Why not have a rahkshi makuta that looks veru similar to teridax while still having unique traits? Heck, the arm proportions are pretty much the same



pick one.

ok, while I think those lower legs could actually be used on a decent moc with a bit of tweaking,
this looks frankensteined together from unrelated builds,
you have a rahkshi body, toa arms, and makuta legs, it just has no consistency.
and there are some questionable design choices, like those claws on the legs, and the foot used as a hilt.
and let’s be honest, those arms are way too big, he looks like lanky kong.

you have some decent ideas, those hands and lower legs , but the moc just doesn’t work as a whole.

also, unrelated to the moc, you should try to pose your mocs a little less ragdolled when taking pictures.


thanks for the advice, I’ll try to put it in application with future MOCs

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Creative idea! Pretty good build to! Also like the addition of the shadow kratta!

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Pretty much what he said. My main problem is the proportions, his arms are way too long. Otherwise, there’s open ball sockets and overall it looks a little messy.

Character concept wise, I would make this simply a Rahkshi, but one made specifically by Teridax that acts like his first born child. Or something similar. If you want to keep it a Makuta, I would ditch the Teridax similarities and the Rahkshi build completely.

Okay. I do understand and appreciate the concept. I like the fact that you tried thinking outside the box. But IMO, those proportions are WAYYY off. I feel that, if you want a Taradax styled Rahkshi. Then maybe you should try a more custom set of thighs and a more custom torso. Maybe add some CCBS in there? Also, those hands do not fit him, you can still make claws though. For claws you can use exoforce arms. You can find those easily in almost every set nowadays. Before I finish off, please pick 3-4 colors and try to distribute them evenly.

All in all, its a good concept, but the MOC itself needs some improvement.