MOC Makuta Kindrix (mutated form)

Once a mighty Makuta and a master at creating Rahi, Kindrix wound up on the wrong side of Teridax‘ coup against Miserix . Having no intention of abandoning her experiments to overthrow the Great spirit Mata Nui, she chose Miserix‘ side when Teridax declared his plan. It was only when she realised Miserix‘ supporters to be fewer in numbers than Teridax‘, that she reconsidert her position and turned to
Teridax instead, so as to at least being able to continue making Rahi in her laboratory on Destral now and then.
As Kindrix never gave much attention to politics, it came to her as a surprise
when Makutas Gorast and Icarax payed her a visit shortly after. If she was fortunate, that Chirox showed up, just before the other two could disintegrate her antidermis, however, is debatable.
Chirox succeeded in convincing the other Makuta, to take her Kanohi and give her into his custody. After all, it "Might be interesting to know, what mutagenic substances could do to a Makuta".
Thus Kindrix ended up in Chirox' laboratory on some remote island, where he kept her for centurys in a comatose state, exposing her to one mutagenic substance after another, sapping away most of her Makuta powers in the process.

Her first memorys after Chirox took her, included a white armored being releasing her from her vat and transporting her to some other place that later turned out to be the fortress of the Order of Mata Nui on the island of Daxia. Here she learned, that her rescuer – Scordan – freed her while on a mission for the Order and thought it best to take her back to them.
The Order questioned Kindrix thoroughly about her past and the plans of the brotherhood – at first not believing, that she was indeed a Makuta. Finally, Helryx was convinced, though, that Kindrix had at least no part in the schemes of the brotherhood and made her a proposal to join the order. Kindrix had unique powers and Helryx sensed, that the time to reveal the Order of Mata Nui would come soon - and that it would need every one of its members, to win the coming war.

Kindrix however was more interested in hunting down Chirox and paying back her debt to Scordan, who freed her. So she declared, that she would help Scordan as best she could, perhaps picking up some information about her torturer on the way.
Scordan, usally working on his own, was'nt too thrilled by the prospect of having to drag her along, and tried to leave her behind more than once, but finally he learned to appreciate her powers, making his missions easier by far.

Some time later, Kindrix learned, that Chirox, along with Icarax and Gorast died in Karda Nui, so she stayed with Scordan, as she, too, felt, that they were a good team.
After Teridax' death and the evacuation of the Matoran Universe, Kindrix followed Scordan back into the Great Spirit Robot in search for survivors and valuable artifacts.

Kindrix wears a Protosteel armor, that withstands most attacks. Chirox‘ experiments resulted in making it impossible for her to wear and use Kanohi. Also her antidermis became organic tissue again.
As she never was a warrior, she refuses to carry weapons, relying solely on her powers.

Due to Chirox‘ experiments, Kindrix lost most of her Makuta powers, except for electricity, gravity and Rahi control. However, the same experiments resulted in upgrading her fire and ice resistances to full elemental powers, as well as changing her control over the element shadow into light (though somehow she can‘t use her elemental light powers on wielders of shadow).
Kindrix also possesses telepathic powers, making it possible for her to „talk“, as her body is mute.

And a few words about the MOC itself:

Basically, Kindrix started out as a try to put all the golden parts I had left into one creation. It looked rather crappy, to say the least, as I was really out of parts that were not weapon or standard Inika build pieces.
But then I got a whole bunch of new parts (though most of them also weapons or standard Inika build pieces) and I could come up with something better. (but those also ran out when I came to the legs, making them rather simple).
So Kindrix is also a MOC to get some updates, once I have more parts available.

By the way:
Does one of you guys know, from which set those golden Hordika feet on her forearms could be, if not from Brutaka? I've been wondering about this for some time now.

Otherwise, enjoy!


Great job on the moc but what mask is that?

It's the movie edition Kraahkan that came with Ultimate Dume in 2004.

Huh doesn't look anything like the way the kraahken in the movie does