MOC: Niskriya

All information + additional pictures on Imgur


The upper arms are too long compared to the lower ones, same can be said for the shins and hips respectively. Not to mention the rather odd pelvic armor.

Other than that, it’s pretty okey - I would go as far as giving it a solid 7/10.

I agree with the lower arm/upper arm proportions being wonky, but the upper leg is only one LMU longer than an Inika leg, and the lower leg is the same length. I think the position of the armor is obstructing the knee, and that’s why it looks odd.

Inika limbs are not to be trusted. :stuck_out_tongue:

If you are aiming for humane proportions, I suggest checking some templates.

In of itself it’s not all that great, though it does show potential. It honestly reminds me of something I’d possibly make around 3 years ago.

This looks pretty good, though the lower arms look a little short.

Could you expand?
Also, I changed the arms due to popular demand, I like it better this way, so it was a good thing no one liked them :stuck_out_tongue:

Those new arms look quite a lot better.

Firstly, using Matoro Mahri’s shoulder armor facing forward or backward is typically a big ‘no-no’ unless the moc in question is super bulky, otherwise it ends up looking generally awkward. It needs things around it, it can’t be the widest part.

Now this is not to praise myself, so much as to give an example, but here’s a general idea on how to make it work…

The arms are really disproportionate, and the upper arms are super thin, with much exposed technic; something generally viewed as a negative. The lower arms appear to have almost no motion, and even when covered just fall under the category of beginner’s custom limbs. Same goes for the thighs, they lack general shape and flow to them. The torso is the best part, but again falls short. Again, the moc isn’t inherently bad, and it does show potential. Everyone starts somewhere and learning can be a difficult process.

What does this mean? is it like up/down?

I’m seeing this in his lower legs, I’ll try to find a way to make it thicker and less wavy, or remove it altogether. Example is also appreciated.

They aren’t as disproportionate as before, but yes they still are a little long on the upper arm part.

Quite. How’d you recommend I fix the arms?

Which they definitely are

The only flow issue I really see on the thighs is the Matoro armor on the backs, but there’s definitely a flow issue in the lower legs.

Again, could you elaborate?