Moc Phantoka Chopa and Morit

A self made Phantoka moc. Chopa is the makuta and his shadow matoran is called Morit. Got the chest from a friend and built, the Zamor spears are supposed to be in the chest since he uses them for divebomb attacks, and the matoran has swords modified with launchers.


It’s just a black Krika, like almost identical.


I actually got the idea from krika, since I really liked the style. And also I did use a different connection for the front blades, and vamprah’s back feet. Really simple build though

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AND A HOW-TO! (I like it)

I will get on that later today! Glad you like the build.


r-really? the build is very simplistic unless you can’t see the connection

This looks extremely awkward to me, they do look complete when fused, but theirs nothing else amazing to point out-

It was one of my early builds, so I did not want to make it complex. I may work on it more in the future though. Adding new arms and mabey legs. Deffently more armor though.