MOC: Pohatu Nuva just wanted to be a Fire Toa

Well here I am again, waiting for my new parts to arrive so I can continue working on my other MOC. This is basically what I imagine Pohatu would look like if he was the Toa of fire (or how he wouldve imagined it:p) I mean he just wants to be the guy standing in the middle for once too, but still retains that hunchback kinda look. Also he technically still doesn't have any knees. Yeah well I just didn't have any fitting parts for the knee portions, sorry mate.

His shoulders are relatively flexible though so that's cool I guess...

Also sorry I couldn't find any cool place to shoot because its raining like hell outside so my desk will have to suffice


Why do you have jointed arms when the hero factory 1.0 arms had fake joints already


I wanted to have the bulky, Nuva style shoulders for which I had to have the parts in between. Also (IMO) it looks like something is missing without the shoulder part. (And it looks way too much like Furno 1.0^^)


Here's an idea why don't you try to make colour swapped versions of the nuva because you were trying to make pohatu nuva

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I'd really love to. But I don't have the other masks or enough parts to build them. As I said I'm waiting for my other parts to arrive (I don't have much so I bought some random bulk on eBay).

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Just to start with something positive, the way you covered the back is pretty nice. :smile:

The Legs and arms just look off, with the extra joints. Then we have the proportions, which are Meh at best. The HF Chestplate looks kind of bad, with the Giant hole from the missing Hero Core. The armor on his left thigh looks strange as there is no Gunmetal besides that one piece.

It's definitely not the worst MOC in the world, but he does have a few issues. :wink:

This looks pretty cool, I like the look. It doesn't look too much like Pohatu, so this could just be a Toa of Fire on it's own. :smile:

Yeah that leg piece... I could swear I had another red one but I couldn't find it xD That's why I went with the only other piece I could find:p

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Dem legs look too skinny

He just skinned Furno!

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All in all, it's a nice idea, but something's just off about a red Pohatu Nuva head sitting atop a regular Furno body. This looks like a MOC for Tahu or Furno himself, but Pohatu... eh. A+ for effort though.

I really like this moc, the originals arms don't bother me too much but I'm not a fan of the legs. All together this looks pretty neat