MOC: Rerta, King of Spare Parts

Hello, fellow humans. This is almost exactly what it sounds like. A MOC made out of spare parts (it does have a color scheme, tho). The original idea was to build something that uses the Golden Toa body/arm armor piece as a mask. I’m quite satisfied with the result.

He doesn’t have his banner here. look at that exposed socket, it’s beautiful

Front view (a bit angled, I know)

Back view; the legs represent the CCBS’ greatest strength /s

Armorless front view (well, at least the interesting parts)

Armorless back view

Oh, and take this. Maybe as a little bonus. weilder of the sword coming soon, but don’t expect too much


Hey that torso design isn’t actually that bad!
I know its table scrap but if you want to improve on it you should replace those arms and fix up the legs too.

Thanks for the torso-compliment. Building custom torsos is one of the things I can do best when working with Lego, so I’m glad that you
(dramatic [quote=“AwesomeJoel27, post:2, topic:32764”]
isn’t actually that bad
[/quote] pause)

like it. :grin:

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And I thought that the Fire Lord thigh disease had vanished…

This is really great for something that came out of limited parts

I always thought those Stars chest pieces would make good masks.
Good job!

Those claws make me think of the nightmares from fnaf 4. I like it.

For a table-scrap, he’s oddly fun. Awkward, but his torso design has some good ideas.

Do you have a story for him? I want to know it!

He doesn’t have any story around him. I think he could resemble a priest of some religion.

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