Moc: Salavar's Ship. The Tavroak 3T

Salavar is a very busy person (bio mechanical being, same difference) and has lots of places to go to. How does he do it. By a ship. This shadow krata powered vessel carries Salavar at high speeds that could damage normal personal without proper training. With quad burner engines there is nothing that can and will stand in his way or stop him.

Height: 1.5 meters
Length: 3.5 meters
Width: 2 meters
Fuel source shadow krata

Equipment: 4 Shadow Fuel Engines, Transparent Holo windscreen/visor, Sonic Missile Launcher, and side mounted Cordak Blaster.

Note : the blue technic pin extender is for the figure to attach to. In early test I found that my figure wobbled around to much in side. That is why there is a random blue pin axle on my Self Moc: Salavar.

Inspiration: Why not!?


ok yeah, my comment on salavar's topic was a joke but,

there's no way he's as tall as Teridax.

unless my bio-to-metre conversion is off

eh, it's alright, a few too many colors, and it feels a little too wireframe to me.

no he's the same height as the original stock teridax set

I'm referring to in-universe,
I'm sure he's the same height as ol' teri set-wise.

ok i hear what ya sayin. and the only reason the parts are mismatched is because i was working with spare parts

I know that it's hard to build bionicle vehicles, but that still technically doesn't excuse the fact that it's small, especially for a flying vehicle.

I know but i have very few parts and i can only use parts from broken sets



As said by @Miraculousprime said the color scheme is HORRIBLE and Eljay would have a fit on all those blue pins. it is a good MOC but please, PLEASE make an effort to change out some pieces and make it work, so 2/10

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It looks like Go kart

Looks neat, fix the colors and it could help it look MUCH, MUCH, MUCH BETTER.

Nice! It's more like a hover car though.