MOC: Scorch, The Fallen Angel V1


Mostly Custom


Scorch with Aaron

Size comparison

Back Story: When Makuta was finally defeated the Toa had a New Treat. Scorch. Under the rule of the Overlord, the order of the universe. Scorch is under the will of The Overlord but does not think he is dominant. Later to be a friend to the Toa and killed for betrayal of the Overlord.


This looks good, especially the head.

finally a good comment

I like the way the chest is built, with the flames coming out of the holes of the mask.


This looks great!

The legs are… strange, but not bad. The only other downfall is some of the gappiness in the thighs; I’m not sure how to fix that though.

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The feet look a little off from the side, but this is not too bad otherwise. I like the look of the flames on the chest and the way you designed the head.

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I really like the usage of parts here, though the legs really need some work.


Ah snap, I made a post Spherus Magna Female Fallen Angel MOC as well.

Don’t critique my MOC here though.

Anyways, I don’t get the description. Is this supposed to be a villain? The last sentence is fragmented and doesn’t really make sense to me.

Now for the build. This looks good, but can you explain the choice of legs? Does she move by floating through the air?

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