(Moc) Shyla

Type of Moc: just there

Gender: Female (obviously)

Concept and Ideas: This moc has nothing to do with any story line and was ment to be a creation that was A. kind of sexualized. and B. Uses more system than actual bionicle/ ccbs/ technic parts. The chest design was the most challenging part of this entire moc in hole, and that reason is because I had to figure out a way to get the system pieces on to the technic body. The other difficult part of this moc was the lower part of the legs, and that reason was once again, trying to figure out how to get system parts onto ccbs pieces. This moc took a total of 5 hours to build and most of that time came out of ideas.


Um, so some of these poses are a bit questionable. Could you remove them? We’re trying to be family friendly on this site. I would highly appreciate it.





Yeah… gonna have to reluctantly agree with Chronicler here.


Congrats, you succeeded. Don’t take this as a compliment.


Just the second-to-last picture(I think). I, personally, think it’s not too bad of an issue.

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kind of sexualized”

Really suggestive poses. I suggest you remove them.


I’m sorry but this is not Hooters. Please tone down the over sexuality. Although I am a homosexual, I do not find this attractive.

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Dodging the whole posing controversy: the MOC itself:

It’s really tall and skinny. Especially the head. Not a fan of the looks of this MOC. The tubes look off, the head looks strange.

Also, I saved the deleted pics for some reason.


Calm down people, Mustache probably isn’t seeing your posts because notifications are down.

People should have freedom to use their pieces to make whatever they want, this doesn’t mean I like this moc, I kinda just don’t care, but the way your talking seems kinda entitled. Also, just because it has a sexual appearance doesn’t mean you need to find it attractive.


on it, sorry, and just a heads up the 3rd picture is ment to be a more relaxed pose or something you would do if your relaxing on some grass under a tree (but i don’t have those for props sooooo… yeah).

I didn’t take any of them down. I asked the guy, and it seems he did so according to his own will, so I thank him for that.

It’s alright. Since you removed them, it’s alright now. Just be cautious about that stuff in the future, and I suggest that you take a further look at the rules to make sure you don’t have any more troubles like this.


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he did?

all I can think of is

geez, how bad were those poses? I missed them.

that said I really don’t like the build, it’s just poorly slapped on system over a technic frame, with a head-tail. and the red and white color scheme makes it look like it’s had its skin ripped off by a predator.


I guess you could say that Shyla isn’t shy about her looks

In all seriousness, it looks alright. Some system parts look kinda awkward in some places like on the arms

Why the long face?


Not sorry.

Anyway,i’m not really a fan of this.
The thighs are pretty well done but otherwise it’s just a big mess.


I really don’t like this, over sexualization should not be on these toys or this board

I’m less concerned about overt sexualization and more concerned about how freakishly tall and skinny you think females have to be

I’ve seen 3 “female” MOCs from you that are all tall and skinny, to say nothing about any other features that may or may not make them look feminine.


Henestly not all my female mocs are tall, and I’m sorry you don’t like my way of creating female mocs. (except this one, this is the first time I made a female moc over sexualized)

Funny thing is that this MOC isn’t even over sexualized. It just looks awkward.


I warned you Dregn, I WARNED YOU!