MOC: Steve

This guy also has no name, so Steve will work for now.I always wanted to make a MOC with roller skates, or something like it. Just similar to Umbra or Arcee or something. That's about it.

Imgur Link:


It's Umbra's son! smile


When posting a MOC, its best to show a picture displaying the MOC in its entirety. Otherwise people will believe you just MOC'eed some wheels...

Though yeah, MOC looks good smile

The arms have very little articulation and the hands are just weird.

When I looked at this, I thought it was a MOC of @Viper! XD

Besides that, I give 7/10, it accomplishes what it was supposed to do, although there is no articulation in the arms.

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Nice,I've always had a soft spot for Matorans and small mocs


I was going to say that!

Anyway, this Moc is Fantasti-cool™! Good job!


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Here's another MOC of mine that I consider far superior to this guy, I think you might like it, since you like small MOCs and all.

Cool but the arms... not so much.