Moc- Subject 42

The only thoughts I had were for one piece: the Chima Speedorz wheels. They were just taunting me with their uselessness. So, I decided to sit down and use them! The whole idea was to create a Resident Evil- Esque monster that had an erupting spine that was just barely held together and way too long. I had a blast using the flex tube pieces and Nuva shoulders to shape up the elongated spine created by the Speedorz wheels. The head takes cues from the Moulded from RE7. I wanted it to have a simple, yet gruesome weapon, so I decided that “extendable” claws would work well. Taking pictures of it was pretty disheartening though since I’m not the best at it. Sorry if this was a bit too wordy, but I couldn’t help myself. Feedback always helps!


Revisions here: Subject 42 revisions/ testing out my makeshift lightbox


long boi


The longest one.

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Creative parts usage!

Thanks for catching that! I feel pretty silly.

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No problem!

A shot of the back would have been a good idea given the spine is the focus of the MOC

It should be there now.

Neat head design, though the torso looks awkward. The spine is a really cool idea, but I think it would work a lot better on a large scale moc.

Spine idea is very cool and well executed. Though I can’t help but feel the limbs bring down the execution of the spine. I think some sleeker arms and legs would go a long way here.

I see where you are coming from. When this gets scrapped, I may reuse the spine in a better way.

Nice head design, and the use of all those Nuva shoulder armors in the torso is something interesting that I haven’t seen done before. But easily the most intetesting part is the use of the Chima Speedorz for the spine.

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