MOC: Talia

Why did I make a name that was ONE character shy of being the minimum thread title character count of seven?

A young girl who suffered a cripply debility when young.

She now utilizes 'blade runner' prosthetic legs.

She's a young girl with a contrary personality and a defiant attitude.

Why is there a big guy defending her? Reasons.

Based on Emi Ibarazaki from Katawa Shoujo, a lighthearted game about romance and dealing with disabilities with a miracle of a development story.

That absurd amount of links to references is probably unjust for such a small MOC, but I hope you like her and find her as cute as I do!


Barraki mandible legs = pure genius


Nice! He reminds me of Beerus:

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Haha, thanks man!

It's a she, but I can see the resemblance!

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I really like the MOC's design, but the use of Barraki mandibles is genius!

Whoops, sorry :sweat_smile:

Awww adorable! The larger one is just as cool. Have you given him a name?

Interesting, I like.


It's a bit of a trend with my female MOCs, don't worry about it.

Thanks! And yeah, that's my self-MOC, Archer -

Thank you!


I never would have thought to use those peices like that. Genius!

Very neat usage of the Barraki mandibles and an overall solid looking MOC.

Yeah the legs are really cool

She's adorable

Heheh, looks like the legs are quite a hit! Thanks guys!

And with that, this MOC's raison d'etre is validated.

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Going off of anime resemblances, D4C comes to mind looking at that head

Anyway, I love the moc itself! Small, simple yet cohesive and accomplishes the look the story describes. Great job!.


That's really interesting. I imagined her head looking very similar, but the protrusions moving and responding to stimuli more like rabbit ears, I guess.

Thanks man!

Looks good,it kinda unsettles me though

Thanks, but what unsettles you? Is it to do with the MOC itself or prosthetic legs in general?

i really like the foot design, it's very vreative

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Thanks man!