Moc : the bone dragon queen

this is a a update/re-do on my old moc. I gave her some new cloth clothing


gave her a claymore dagger


it looks good but the rakshi head could do with some more filling in underneath

Humanoid character based off of some sort of giant reptile, check.
Solid, cohesive, and consistent color scheme, check.
Solid, stable. and well built looking moc, check.
Nice use of a rahkshi head with spine, check.
A female moc that doesn't over do anything, check.
Dragon/dinosaur related thing of any kind, check.
Severed head on a stick, I don't even have a box for that one but I'm gonna check it anyway.
All in all, great moc! :smile:

OK. The cape idea is ok, and is somewhat "Master Gundam"-like.

The rest, however..

upon first glance, this just looks like a somewhat stereotypical bland "female" moc, with nuvaboobs and a rahkshi head. but, seeing as there's enough to tear into here, i'll go ahead and take the opportunity to point out the flaws.

the chest armor is too large, and looks like it would hinder the arm articulation. the nuvaboobs in general is a bad idea, and here, it's no different. the lower arms and legs seem dirt simple, with little substance. the opened cape, specifically the insides, look too busy, with all the colors that break the color scheme. the dagger seems somewhat lazy, just being a knights kingdom sword attached to some thornax launcher halves.

All in all, the wing/Master Gundam cloak idea is good, but the rest is meh in the execution department.



The thing is, I think they work better here. The relatively larger size of the moc makes them seem more proportionate.

might be, but the way the black blends together, it makes the grey CCBS bones in the arms seem like the upper arms, which then makes the nuvaboobs look too big.

at the very least, switch to 1 nuva shoulder instead of 2.

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I think that seems reasonable.

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then the chest is to small and it look weird plus the chest is all rigged to the frame and cant really come off.

and yes I know this is a sexist moc but hey its a fact women have them and men don't or shouldn't.

and there has been sexualized bionicle characters.

... what? Who called the moc sexist? This not something I'd call sexist.

Actually only using 2 nuva shoulders would fix the proportions significantly, if the build is built around the chest, rebuild.


Yeah, one, well proportioned character isn't some excuse.

And that's my problem, the proportions, they're bad, not just the chest, the rest of the proportions feel off as well.


Woah! Quadruple nuva boobs!
I think they look way to big and out of place on this moc =/
The wings don't look that good especially with all the red and yellow technic bits on them.
The arms and legs are pretty simple and the chest just looks a bit messy.
I think the ccbs shell on the upper arms should be changed to a larger size and put on sideways or on the front instead of backwards.
The blue pins on the arms and wings really stick out like the saw thumb.
For the arms may I suggest you use grey pins instead of the blue ones if you have any?

You say that, like there's multiple, can you name more that one for me?


do you mean oversexualized?

Even then, not by much. Nuva armor on the chest does not automatically equal sexual.

It kinda does if it's in those spots =/

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I like how the wings cover the front chest like armor, but when it folds open; that's when the con's kick in.
The arm doesn't work well, the chest is weird, and the legs looks fairly wide apart.

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ok, first off, for the most part, it does.

second, this one kinda goes over-the-top in that regard.


Nope I got nothing that hasn't been said.

Well - actually I could go way, way worse. But it'd just be pointless.

No wait, actually I can say something new. If you're going to hypersexualize a character, at least bother to pay attention to more than one aspect. The feet are completely destroying the cohesion.


Poor Onepu, he got turned into a staff.


All I want to do is ask one question. Why do so many people on this site get so offended by using nuva shoulder armor on the chests of female characters? Yes, it is quite overused and can look completely ridiculous, but it really looks (to me) like normal armor here.


I don't know why some of you think that a character having breasts is "oversexualization". A moc has somewhat big breasts. Whoop de do. Who cares?

Alright, I'm sick of hearing this retaliation. I'm putting my view out there once and for all.

Wrong word to use here. Sure, some people may be "offended" by it. I am not. Do not mistake this

I am simply stating that this is a hilariously unrealistic, disproportionate misrepresentation that is not only off color for the sake of the design, but alsooff color for the sake of a design that simply doesn't look good.

Let's do some geometry.
This character's breasts are individually each larger than her head.
In what way - in ANY realm - is that NOT to be considered overdone?

Correction: Disproportionately oversized belongs somewhere in there.

Sorry if this is rather hostile. I am simply incredibly frustrated with this unending argument I've been hearing of for years (though thankfully never been on the receiving end of).


The Nuvaboobs honestly just look ridiculous to me, given that they're basically just two giant blotches of silver in the center of the torso.

Overall, the build looks generally lackluster. The wings are neat, but the limbs look random and not paying much attention to coherence. And, like last time, none of this looks bone-resembling to me. It just looks like white armor. The random red and purple also causes some issues in an otherwise fairly consistent color scheme.