MOC: The Demon of Okoto

This is a combination of the sets protector of jungle, earth and stone. No extra parts


I'ts terrifying.

in what sense?

Very consistent and well built for a combiner. Great work!

Paging @Political_Slime

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That's pretty scary looking. good job.

Thanks @SammySpartan

This thing is amazing. I love how you did the legs, very clever. The Korgot drill on the back seems a bit out of place, but otherwise, I'd give it a :strawberry:/10


in the sense that you've created a truly nightmarish monster. Well done.

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I love the torso build on this thing, this is cool looking! It looks really creepy, and I like it. The legs are pretty great too.

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I guess it's sp00ky MOC month.

The Demon of Okoto, itself, seems generic, and bluffing.

Then you enter the topic, and see that monstrosity. That beautiful, scary, sp00ky monstrosity.

10/10, solely on the fact that he is well-built, gets the point across, and doesn't bluff his name.


i like it

I got to admit this is great.
My only complaint is the skull spider mask feels out of place.