MOC: The Guardian


The first time I built with CCBS. He has the best color of all time, gunmetal grey.

This thing has been dead since January, so there aren’t any more pictures I have.
Bye for this one.


This isn’t a giant robot octopus,
0/10 am disappoint.

The limbs are really lackluster, but the torso could work.

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Not bad at all. The head is pretty interesting.

As a whole, I really enjoy this MOC. It’s not without flaws, but as a whole I think it works well. I enjoy the torso/face area, and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a use of those HF torso pieces quite as good. I like the shaping of the arms, and the way the legs flow into the torso is nice as well.

As far as flaws go, I’d say that the weapon is definitely the week point here. The sword just looks awkward. the three bladed design doesn’t work in execution. The only other major flaw would be the feet. This is the first time I’ve really been able to see why those feet pieces are as hated as they are, and I feel like there’s a myriad of other choices that would’ve worked better.

All in all, a good MOC that needs a bit of improvement here or there.
eye chest/10

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