MOC - The Spectral Spear

So, after not having posted any MOC's for a while, I have finally managed to get one finished. And,not to be smug or anything... I'm really super pleased with this one.
The basic concept is that it is pretty much a build of every-anime-mecha-eva' , and so it follows the proportions, small torso, long legs, huge gun and a mass of sticky-outy bits on it's back.
Generally, its based on the mecha shows I have watched, Aldnoah zero, Code geass, Knights of Sidonia.
Gonna watch Evangelion when exams are over

EDIT: It's weapon Is meant to be a railgun

Unfortunately the don't do the MOC justice, but roll the PICS!

Against a black background (Looks cooler)

On a white background

Back shot (working on making it look slightly better)

Of course, as always, comments and critique is always apperciated!


I think he is half Peacock


Hmm I like this.

I dig the color scheme... good.
I am not really sure what that weapon is suppose to be, but I like it.
I think his lower legs are a little to long.
The wing things on his back give him an interesting look.
Looks a bit strange from the back though...

There are some interesting things here, but I think it could use some work. I like the concept of the weapon, but it looks unfinished (Needs something pointy). I like the idea of the back spikes, but the swords seem way too big for the MoC. I wish the texture of the armor was more complex. And finally, maybe put a couple eye pieces on the face.

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@GIF.Man.Ben The weapon is meant to be a railgun, forgot to mention that

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He's actually pretty cool looking. I find it pretty unique!

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I legitimately don't know what this really looks like, honestly. It doesn't really fit the mecha vibe.

Looks pretty cool

Initial reaction: Aw, it's not a life sized ghost looking bionicle spear.
Seriously though, not bad. It's a bit basic looking, but it works here.

Quick Review time!

Consistent colour scheme
Well executed design brief (I could see this in Code Geass)
Unique look and weapon

Silver bits on the back spines look odd, could do with just the black spikes
Little to no back armour
Feet seem too small, even in anime the feet tend to look big enough to support the mech

Overall: 6/10
Good concept, with fairly good execution, just a little over the top (even for anime)

On a personal note, I quite like it :smile:

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I like the weapons.