Moc: The White Throne

Basically I made a chair for my self- moc. It is able to store all of his weapons as well as his cape.


Extremely well-made, I'm actually a bit envious because I want to build my own self-MOC who would have a makeshift throne of his own. However, I'm stuck in college until finals are over, and then I'm likely to get most of the Toa for my birthday, which should give me enough pieces for my self-MOC.

But enough about me, I really like the two columns on the side, not just because they can store his weapons, but because they just add a nice epic feel to the throne.


It's a pretty spiffy throne, but you should definitely make the back rest wider.
Every other part of it looks fine as it is, I'm not a big fan of the clean cut, space-age look of the pillars and seat, but that's entirely subjective.

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I can see what you mean about the clean cut look, and my number one priority with this is to expand the back and add arm rests

Aye, making it more three-dimensional would improve the throne exponentially.

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I'd definitely do that. It looks good, but would benefit from looking more like a chair to sit in rather than to awkwardly lean on. He just looks uncomfortable, leaning on the post of the chair, in my opinion.
Does anyone else think of how Trigon used the Titan's Tower much like this in Teen Titans?


Anyone else here think of that scene with Vader's chamber on the Executor in Empire?

0/10 far too good... /s