MOC updates( Jemoph and Sentinel VX 8.5)

minor upgrades, pemeneant for my self MOC and temporary for Sentinel VX

Self MOC Jemoph

I’ll be stubborn and keep to his main design. I’ll also be unable to get any parts for now so no new colors that I won’t be unsatisfied with. Deal with it. I also added a mechanical ‘sheath arm’… well more like an extra holding arm

Sentinel VX

Temporary upgrade, as I don’t have Obi Wan yet. I’ll change the lower legs and feet to white and give him shoulder pads, but for now deal with it. Also yes I know he’s got a blocky body, but hey, atleast he can pull a 90 degree torso crunch/bend

Critique and comment


Not quite sure what to think of Jemoph. The arms, lower legs, and chest all point to more of a strongman sort of vibe but the waist and upper legs look a little too skinny. I dig the way sentinel looks though. Even though he is a little blocky, there is a sort of smoothness about most of the design.

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Both are alright for the most part, though something about Jemophs waist seems a little off.

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I’ll just @ mr @Payinku just to see the updates. Not that they’re important

not a fan of Jemoph. No real cohesion, and it looks very cobbled.

Sentinel is great tho, minding the gappy upper arms and the hips.

really not feeling that torso on your sm, it’s, for lack of a better word, lumpy, and the lower arms look kind of broken because of how they attach, and the upper arms seem a little short. you’ve got something with those legs and the chest armor.

I don’t really like sentinels chest, maybe if the bohrok eyes were another colour and you filled in the socket, as well the hips are awkward.

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Jemoph’s midsection looks a bit off to me and his legs are a tad small. other than that i really like his torso.

I love the Sentinel, 9/10.

Jemoph could use some work in the lower arm and upper leg department, but still some good building!

I upgraded



I really like how you bulked up Jemoph’s chest and now he looks to have a better flow. Not quite sure about the silver pieces on Sentinel though.

I didn’t do much to Jemoph. I just changed the thighs and lower arms

the silver is temporary though.

Really, ok then. Probably should find a way to update his waist a little then, but otherwise I like it.